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ESD Comprehensive Studies Results are Released

Superintendent Castillo Releases Studies Aimed at Improving Partnership between State, School Districts and Education Service Districts

SALEM -- State Schools Superintendent has released the results of two comprehensive studies aimed at improving service from Oregon’s Education Service Districts. The studies were commissioned by the Annenberg Institute and the Gibson Consulting Group.

Technology Standards for Teachers and Students

I am interested in discussing the subject of Technology Standards for teachers and students. Standards can focus and encourage staff and student improvement by specifying the goals. How are the districts using the existing national technology standards to plan for staff and student improvement?

Current Technology Standards:

Oregon K-12 Online Forum

I have been having interesting discussions with others relating to the use of online forums. My focus has been trying to find, or promote, the creation of a single sign-on, online forum to discuss a variety of educational and technology topics with other Oregon educators and technology support staff. While this site and the ORVSD site both have excellant discussion groups for their topics, I believe the educational community could benefit from the online discussions on many other topics of interest. Is anyone aware of the existance of such an online forum? Does anyone else agree that this could be a valuable communication tool for the Oregon educational community and its partners?

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