What States are doing for Online Learning

Attached is the 2007 report released by NACOl yesterday summarizing what the State's are doing for online learning.

Physical Theft Prevention

Those involved with schools face a challenge. Parents, board members, staff, administrators, students and the community share a common desire to reduce the potential for violence and other unwanted behavior on school sites.

The frustration comes in balancing the need for increased security with what are, in many districts, shrinking budgets. To develop an effective security program, the needs of each site or type of site must be evaluated to determine the most effective policies, procedures and systems to provide the desired level of security.

An effective school security program is comprised of many elements. Only when these components are properly assembled does the program provide the needed security. The failure to approach security in a systematic manner results in potential gaps in protection and the ineffective deployment of resources.

EESC December Meeting Handouts and Agenda

Attached are agenda and documents reviewed and discussed at the December 2006 EESC meeting.

WSJ - Saying No to School Laptops

This Wall Street Joural article: Saying No to School Laptops was Slashdotted today. The article is an interesting read as are the responses on Slashdot which is a VERY tech friendly site. A successful 1:1 implementation would have to address many of these issues.
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