It’s a Process, Not an Event

The purpose of school improvement is to better the quality of teaching and learning in schools so that greater numbers of students reach their potential. For schools to continuously improve, it is imperative that improvement move beyond an event and become an integral part of how a school operates.

To achieve this end, Oregon offers its schools the “Sustainable School Improvement Cycle.” (See attached file.) This cycle reinforces the idea that improvement is never ending.

Oregon also offers a criteria-driven approach to school improvement and encourages schools to test their improvement efforts against the following Essential Elements:

* the adults in the system are the primary change agents;

* the target is to raise achievement levels in all subjects for all students, but specifically in reading and math;

* the goal is to create a culture of professional learning communities;

* the structure incorporates a clear accountability system;

* the effort is sustainable because it builds leadership and training capacity within.

Schools and districts can conduct a more purposeful reflection of their current improvement efforts by completing the School and District self-assessment measures, which will be added to this site soon.

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It's a process...

     It is interesting to note that the three subject areas where 1:1 computers were most effective at Springfield--as stated to us by the teachers and kids--were writing, science, and social studies.  I am anxious to see how the other two "R's" reading and math, will be served in the 1:1 classroom.  According to the session at Hillsboro on  Friday there is some good math software out there, so I know it happens. 



D.C. Lundy


Powell Butte Elementary