About School Improvement

Because the what of school improvement is well established, the focus of the partnership's School Improvement work is to support schools on how to improve.

Here is what school improvement is all about: improvement is continuous and data-driven; staff development is well grounded in research; curriculum is coordinated and aligned; and instruction is focused and reflects implementation of research-based strategies with continuous monitoring of student progress.

Our goal is to provide you with the information on how to accomplish this improvement.

The Education Enterprise Partnership Steering Committee, the school improvement sub committee consisting of ESD and K-12 superintendents and ODE staff along with the ILC, ESD Curriculum Directors, have identified the following three goals:

  1. to identify the salient features of existing service delivery design options.
  2. to conduct a statewide needs assessment that allows school district staff to select the school improvement design that best addresses their unique needs.
  3. to create an effective and efficient plan to roll out design options throughout the state.
  4. Monthly progress reports are provided to the Education Enterprise Partnership Steering Committee. A final report on the status of each goal will be submitted in June.