State-wide RFP for Media Streaming

Several Oregon ESDs are working together on an RFP for media streaming. We're hoping that by working together we can get a better solution for all Oregon students at a better price than going it alone. We've scheduled a meeting for Dec. 19, 2007 to discuss the needs of different regions and have a draft document posted and shared through Google Docs so interested ESD members can share their ideas. See the info below. I'm also setting up a listserv to facilitate discussions. I'll post more info on that later.

Info on meeting:

When: December 19th from 1:30 - 3:30.
Where: Vtel feed from SOESD, Metro area meeting hosted by Clackamas. Contact Ron Enger [[email protected]] for info on feed.


        1. Discuss interest in state-wide streaming media contract
        2. Contents for an RFP that would meet everyone's needs
        3. Possible funding models (ODE, corporate donations, local donations)
        4. Timeline for RFP
        5. Evaluation teams from ESDs and districts 


Media Streaming RFP

OVSD has a big interest in lowering the cost of streaming resources for schools and we look forward to participating.

Great work Paul!


Steve Nelson