OVSD PD Grants Announced

Dear Oregon Educators,

It’s the holiday season and no doubt you’re in the middle of the hectic balance between your teaching duties and the expectations of various holiday traditions. Rather than take up a lot of your precious time I would like to just simply inform you of an opportunity that just might bring you some clarity to your personal and professional juggling match. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has amassed an amazing collection of 100% free classroom content and technology tools for Oregon teachers. The vehicle that was created by ODE to house the classroom content and technology tools is called the Oregon Virtual School District (OVSD).

So how does this apply to you?

ODE is so committed to the opportunities and benefits of OVSD that it has decided to work with the Organization for Educational Technology & Curriculum (OETC) in a collaborative effort to offer professional development grants to Oregon educators. This is a wonderful chance to not only be shown the potential of OVSD but also to collaborate with Oregon educators as they dive into the classroom content and technology resources.

Lastly, in case I have not yet obtained your full attention to this comprehensive professional development opportunity I would like to inform you that ODE is awarding grants from $10,000 to $15,000. How can you pass up such a groundbreaking opportunity to build for the future?    

Please read, fill out the attached application and send it to OETC prior to January 3rd 2008.

I hope you will make time to apply.




Darren Hudgins


Instructional Programs Coordinator, OETC ~ www.oetc.org

The Application is available to download at: