Get Ready Oregon Web Site Launched

Get Ready Oregon – New Website Launched

With Oregon’s graduation requirements changing and students being asked to achieve at higher levels, the Oregon Department of Education is asking schools, students, and parents "Are you ready?"

Today, we launched a new website to help share information about the changes to the Oregon graduation requirements. The website,, is designed as a resource, primarily for parents, which provides details on the changes to the graduation requirements, background on the State Board’s decision making process, tips on what parents, students and community members can do to prepare, links to a wide variety of resources, an FAQ, and an opportunity for people to ask additional questions about the upcoming changes.

This site is part of a state-wide public awareness campaign designed to help educate parents and students about the changes to the Oregon high school diploma. Later this month there will also be newspaper, TV, and radio ads all reminding parents that "Whatever our children dream of becoming, they need to be ready." The advertisements were made possible through the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

We welcome your feedback on the website and encourage you to share this resource with others. Please pass on this link on to contacts you have outside of the department who may find it helpful. If you have feedback on the site, you can email us at [email protected]