Advancing Oregon Mathematics

Tabula Digita, creator of the New York City Department of Education Summer 2007 Multiplayer Educational Game (MEG) Tournament, is introducing a special project concept to Oregon Education involving the application of 3D, immersive educational videogames in what would be the first statewide mathematics competition (on Pre-Algebra and Algebra) of its type.

The First Annual Oregon State Multiplayer Educational Game (MEG) Tournament would place individuals and school teams, statewide, in collaborative and competitive 3D videogame worlds that will challenge their math fluency, decision making, strategic ability, and teamwork skills. The tournament will culminate in a finals competition pitting the best school teams and best individuals against one another in an event that will inspire students statewide to embrace mathematics in a new and enthusiastic way.

The Games are aligned to education standards (see attachment). This concept will be open for discussion to Oregon educators in the coming months.

About Tabula Digita

Tabula Digita is an educational videogame company focused on delivering innovative and effective educational games to students and institutions. Through its fusion of education and technology-based immersive learning systems, Tabula Digita successfully offers standards-based, high impact educational tools that engage middle and high school students in learning and applying pre-algebra and algebra I concepts.

In 2006 Tabula Digita received the Macworld Editor’s Choice award for most useful and innovative products for the Mac, alongside Google Earth and YouTube. This year the company received the prestigious “Newcomer of the Year” CODiE Award from the Software Industry Information Association (SIIA), recognized for “offering a product that has the potential for significant impact on students and teachers” and was also recognized as one of three nominees for Black Enterprise’s Small Business Innovator of the Year Award. Tabula Digita was founded in Manhattan’s Silicon Alley in 2003 and is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ntiedo Etuk and award-winning electronic game designer Robert Clegg. For more information, please visit

Current Relationships in Oregon

One of the finalists in Tabula Digita’s 2007 National Multiplayer Educational Game (MEG) Tournament, supported by Apple and the Federation of American Scientists, among others, is Wolf Black (game name ‘Wolfman’) of John Muir School in Ashland, Oregon.

Please see a description of the National MEG Tournament at Tabula Digita’s DimensionM website ( Click of the icon on the right side of the page that says “National Multiplayer Educational Game Tournament”.

The principal teacher of Wolf’s school in Tim Brandy, who can be reached at the following addresses:

[email protected]


John Muir School

100 Walker Avenue

Ashland, OR 97520

Wolf’s mother is Pauline Black.

Sample of Tabula Digita Clients

Forsyth County Schools (GA)

Greenburg Central 7 Schools, Westchester (NY)

Edwin Gould Foundation (NY)

New Jersey After 3 Afterschool Programs (NJ)

New York City Public Schools (NY)

Orange County Schools (FL)

Plano ISD (TX)

Tiger Woods Learning Center (CA)

Partial List of Tabula Digita Awards

  • 2006 MacWorld Editor’s Choice Award

  • 2006 MacWorld Mouse Award

  • 2006 Black Enterprise Magazine’s ‘Masters of Technology’

  • 2007 Nominee, Black Enterprise Magazine’s Innovator of the Year Award

  • 2007 Software Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Education Newcomer of the Year

  • 2007 AlwaysOn 100 List of the most ground-breaking global tech and media companies

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