EBITS Services Order Form Posted Here

The consolidated EBITS order form, which can be used to gather quotes and to place orders, is attached here.

Also attached is the narrative of the Cisco companion discounts to EBITS. For specific information and quotes on Cisco equipment, please contact Steve Macartney or Todd Allais at Qwest. They can be reached at:

Todd Allais
e:[email protected]

Steve Macartney
e:[email protected]

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EBITS Cisco CPE Extended.doc25 KB

Ebits orders / agents decision

During the HDESD mtg in April on the Ebits rollout, Lane ESD asked about continuing to work with Qwest agents for Ebits orders - as opposed to working directly with Qwest. This option is very important to LESD. We'd like a decision or ruling on this in the next couple weeks. If this is option not available, we'd like an explanation of why, as well as a review of how account support will match service from agents. Randy Trummer Lane ESD

Ebits orders and BANs

I need a clarification on the BAN field on the EBits request Form. If I request a new BAN, my understanding is that my ESD would not be eligible for erate this year, true? My intention is to choose the BAN corresponding to the existing T1 (or other Qwest service) to the respective district, and enter it on that downstream district's Request Form. Do I have this right? Randy Trummer Lane ESD

Reply on the way

I have forwarded this to Qwest and I will post the response as soon as I receive.