ESD Comprehensive Studies Results are Released

Superintendent Castillo Releases Studies Aimed at Improving Partnership between State, School Districts and Education Service Districts

SALEM -- State Schools Superintendent has released the results of two comprehensive studies aimed at improving service from Oregon’s Education Service Districts. The studies were commissioned by the Annenberg Institute and the Gibson Consulting Group.

  • The first study, “Better Supports for Better Oregon Schools,” makes recommendations for increasing statewide capacity for school improvement and student achievement by focusing on the efficiency of delivery and cooperation between The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), education service districts (ESD), and local school districts. The state commissioned the Annenberg Institute to facilitate the study with representatives of these central K-12 groups. The results are a strategic plan for increased quality, alignment, and focus.
  • The second study, “Efficiency Study of the Oregon System of Education Service Districts,” assesses the efficiency of the Oregon ESD system. The study addresses duplication of services at the state, ESD, and local school district levels; accountability; and the types and delivery methods of programs and services provided by ESDs. The report offers major recommendations to further enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public education in Oregon.

Both reports are on the ODE website at:

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