Winning EBITS Strategic Grant Applications posted for review here:

A number of requests have come in to see the applications that were successful this round. There are terrific innovations and solutions presented in these documents. Please take a close look to see how similarly-situated schools and districts (to yours) are solving some of their connectivity issues.

Congratulations to the winning applicants. We will keep the field posted about if/when we may be able to open another round of grants!


At a time when education needs the commitment of Private Partners to realize the learning goals for our students, the K-12 Enterprise seeks a new set of network transport services and products tailored to the needs of schools at affordable prices. http://rfp.hdesd.org/

Wireless infrastructure question

We have been interested in wireless campuses and/or wireless common areas of campuses. However, our existing routing structure does not have room to add 25-30 access points.

We would like to add new Cisco Routers that have the wireless management capability built into them, and attach the APs to these new routers.

Will the grant process allow us to do that, or will we have to fund the new Router out of our own funds?

Essentially, without the new router, the wireless infrastructure we're trying to build won't work...

Just looking for clarifications, thanks.

EBITS Services Order Form Posted Here

The consolidated EBITS order form, which can be used to gather quotes and to place orders, is attached here.

Also attached is the narrative of the Cisco companion discounts to EBITS. For specific information and quotes on Cisco equipment, please contact Steve Macartney or Todd Allais at Qwest. They can be reached at:

Todd Allais
e:[email protected]

Steve Macartney
e:[email protected]

Strategic Transport Grant Announcement

May 11, 2007

Strategic Network Connectivity Grant Application 

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