Data Quality

Oregon Awarded $4.7M from Federal Government to Support Oregon DATA Project

Below is the Press Release issued by ODE regarding the Federal announcement of IES awards.

This award was earned for Oregon through an application prepared collaboratively by members of the Data Quality Group.

Project development, management, and execution will continue to be a joint collaboration between ODE, EESC, ESDs, K12, and Higher Ed.

As Project Plan documentation is finalized, it will be posted here for review.

July 2, 2007

ODE Wins Federal Grant to Fund Oregon DATA Project

Data Quality

The top technology priority expressed by ESD IT directors across Oregon is data. School Improvement leadership ranks data near the top as well. Specifically, in demand is the exploration and development of expanded support to districts and schools in the form of improved data quality, and tools and know-how for substantial and meaningful data analysis to improve teaching and learning.

With committments from ODE stakeholders, the Education Enterprise Steering Committee (EESC), ESD's, and school districts across the state, a Data Quality Work Group has been formed to develop a statewide program to meet the above demands.

True to the mission of the EESC, the work group comprises P-20 representation, across the agencies and geography of Oregon.

The first meeting was held today, January 22. The first charge for the work group is to collaborate on the rapid preparation of a federal grant application, due March 15, which could provide funding for the statewide program we will be simultaneously developing. Progress on the application, as well as on development of the full program, will be tracked on this site.

2.5.07 Meeting Notes, and Calendar for the RFP

The second work group meeting was held yesterday, with all members in attendance, excepting Doug Kosty (Baron Rodriguez sat in for him, and was an invaluable contributor).
Attached are notes from the RFP Tech Requirements discussion, as well as the calendar for RFP response preparation. Our next meeting is Thursday, 2.22.07.

Data Quality Work Group Members

The members of the Data Quality Work Group are listed below:

Rod Aust, Willamette ESD
Doug Kosty, ODE
Joel Robe Willamette ESD
Leslie Golden, EESC
Mark Endsley, OUS
Megan Monson, Grant Writer
Mickey Garrison, EESC
Mojo Nwokoma, ODE
Rick Wahlstrom, Northwest Regional ESD
Ron Enger, Southern Oregon ESD
Scott Robinson, PPS
Tom Luba, LBL ESD
Tony Alpert, ODE
Vickie Fleming, Redmond SD

RFP Tech Requirements

Data Quality Work Group Working copy – LDS RFP Tech Requirements B. Requirements Technical. Grants under this program are intended to help SEAs design, develop, and implement the various components of a well-designed, comprehensive statewide longitudinal data system with the capacity to follow individual students’ performance over time, to transmit student information both within and between States, and to provide educators and education researchers with the data needed to improve outcomes for students. A data system with this capacity must, at a minimum, have the required eight system components or attributes listed below. Grants awarded under this program will support States in developing some or all of these components. Additional capabilities can be funded under this program, if the minimum required system components will also be developed or already exist. The Institute expects that data systems developed under this grant will eventually include at a minimum the following required system components:
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