KIDS Project


KIDS ProjectKIDS Project The purposes of the Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 16 (PK-16) Integrated Data System (KIDS) project are to develop comprehensive data systems encompassing the entire Oregon Education System. Throughout Oregon there are a significant number of data centers serving School and Education Service Districts, ranging from custom packages installed in only one district to systems serving dozens of districts. These systems are not well connected or on the same platform, making meaningful district to district and district to state reporting difficult and costly. The KIDS Phase II project will enable a timely exchange of comparable information about the enterprise of education in Oregon. A comprehensive data system will allow accountability requirements to be addressed at all levels, including local, intermediate, state and federal. For more information, please visit the KIDS home page

KIDS for the Future

In researching the KIDS project for an upcoming interview, I have been impressed with the level of planning and focus on the goals and objectives of the project. Working as a web coder where the technology environment appears to be siloed and opaque, it is refreshing to see a project that seems to be making the process accessible and transparent, with an emphasis towards collaboration and usability by a wide demographic of end users.

I hope to talk to you all soon about being a part of this project.

David Mohrman

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