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Attached are documents from Jason Orbaugh's excellent workshop today.

Please note that you will need SMART Notebook software installed to open some of this material. If you haven't already downloaded, go to:SMART Downloads.

Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops

 This article in the NY Times offers a blistering critique of 1:1 laptop programs. Without data, don't expect to be successful with your 1:1 programs.

So far,  Powell Butte, Tumalo and Tom McCall students have taken the NETS online survey. Results may be viewed online. Send me an email if you'd like the access url.

If you have not taken the survey, see this post: http://k12partners.org/node/85

First Legislative Hearing on 1:1 Computing

 This is a Real Video Stream from a hearing last week in the House Education, Innovation Subcommittee.  It is a bill that would create a Task Force to look at the obsticals preventing 1:1 computing in Oregon.

The Hearing starts  7minutes and 26 seconds into the stream.  The Committee members were on the House floor at the scheduled start time, so we had a little delay in starting.  Springfield and 4J did a great job presenting.


Specifications for next years Laptops for Students

In our recent regional meeting (Tumalo and Powell Butte Schools) we discussed the specifications that we would like see in the next round of laptops for students. Here's our list:

  • Wireless – (Redmond wants Intel chip for management)
  • Tablet not necessary or even wanted
  • Small in size and weight - student 'friendly'
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping on desk
  • Basic CD player (burner not required, can use flash memory sticks)
  • Processor – min 2Ghz Pentium
  • Memory - min 2GB
  • Screen – 12 in OK to save

America's Digital Schools Annual Survey Results - Key Findings

Many thanks to Drew Hines for sending the link out for America's Digital Schools Annual Survey Results. Key Findings are attached below, and to order the full report go to:

ADS Site

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